Total green sanitation

Total green sanitation

In a fluid framework of constant change we have redesigned spaces and activities. Our main goal is ensuring a safe and comfortable environment for our guests. At the same time, we are committed to finding solutions that reflect our values. As a matter of fact, environmental sustainability and innovation are greatly valued by Riva del Garda congress center and now we are more than ever resolved to turning them into actions and tools that are safe for our guests’ health and for the environment too.

Among the special strategies being implemented let us highlight our total green environmental sanitation technology: starting from September, an Environmental Sanitization system active 24/7 will be operational throughout the whole building.


Developed by the Milanese start-up Sanixair, the system is based on the natural process of photocatalytic oxidation and is also used by NASA for the sanitation of environments intended for aerospace missions.


It is a healthy and sustainable technological solution that ensures a constant level of microbiologically safe air by killing bacteria and viruses, eliminating allergens and reducing fine particles.

Furthermore, as it employs technologies that reproduce natural phenomena, the system is able to significantly reduce the environmental impact as it neither requires the use of artificial detergents and disinfectants nor consumables that have to be disposed of.


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