Social distancing

  • The redefinition of meeting rooms, communal areas and the layout of buildings and
    events to guarantee interpersonal distancing in all areas.
  • Corridors and passage areas will have adequate dimensions to be able to consent
    social distancing.
  • Flow management in place with specialised stewards in all areas to avoid queues
    and crowding.
  • Physical distancing between speakers and the public through horizontal signage.

Entry monitoring

  • The installation of a thermo-scanner at the entrances and refused entry to anyone with a temperature of above 37.5°C.
  • Entry permitted only wearing a facemask, which will be checked, and supplies made available to anybody not wearing one or not wearing PPE correctly.
  • Staggered access with appropriate distancing signage, constant flow monitoring and management thanks to the presence of specialised stewards.
  • Monitoring of entrances and meeting rooms.

Use of PPE

  • The positioning of liquid disinfectant/ disinfectant gel dispensers throughout the entire Exhibition Area and Congress Centre, (especially close to entrances, passage points, toilets and refreshment areas).
  • The obligatory use of face masks for everyone (organisers and event participants, visitors, exhibitors, stand-fitters, staff and suppliers).
  • Monitoring during the event of the correct use of PPE conducted by specialised control staff.


Cleaning & sanitisation

  • Cleaning and disinfecting of all areas used during events with certified, sustainable detergents and disinfectants, according to ISO 20121 certification.
  • Photo-catalytic sanitisation system, which is active 24 hours a day: a healthy, sustainable form of technology used by NASA for the sanitisation of aerospace environments
  • Cleaning, sanitisation and disinfection of all surfaces and objects in communal use
  • Meeting rooms that benefit from naural light and ventilation.

Information and training

  • Useful information for participants regarding internal policies, prevention measures and public services
  • Clear information, readily accessible for all those involved with the company, (clients, suppliers, stand-fitters, etc.)
  • Information, training and periodic update briefings for staff and event personnel

Auxiliary services


  • Multimedia services to support events to follow the congress works live, customizable and high quality live experiences thanks to the new permanent TV set


  • Transfers for arrivals and departures from Riva del Garda with vehicles to and from airports and railways staions that meet health and safety standards.
  • Hotels and places of interest within walking distance, enabling participants to get around independently in the open air.
  • Bicycles made available both by the Congress Center and by the hotels in the area
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