Technical services

Technical services

Every room in the Congress Centre is equipped with basic technological equipment, which can be integrated with ad hoc audio-visual systems and a personalised set-up for your event, with full support of our personnel and tailor-made services.  

Audio video

  • Professional multimedia systems for video projection and LED wall
  • Audio systems with microphones
  • Lighting solutions
  • Possibility of interacting with external systems
  • Event management with multi-projection
  • Video-conferencing system and remote speaker management
  • Audio/video shooting and recording, streaming and post-production
  • TV set for staging hybrid and digital events
  • Audio recording
  • Transcripts, production of conference proceedings
  • Simultaneous interpreting with booths
  • Interactive voting system

Staging and staff

  • Customised indoor and outdoor staging
  • Design and production of modular and customised exhibition areas
  • Signs and posters in exhibition spaces and around the venue
  • Furniture hire
  • Flower arrangements and plant hire
  • Fitting out and managing cloakrooms, luggage storage, incoming/outgoing merchandise
  • Computerised conference secretariat with reception desk
  • Expert technical assistance
  • Specialised staff: hostesses, parking attendants, porters, stewards, armed security, fire prevention, medical assistance

Event services

  • High-density Wi-Fi connection (in all rooms and common areas)
  • Dedicated wired and Wi-Fi network for secretariat
  • Online platform and mobile app for hybrid and digital event management
  • Management of authorisations for Italian Society of Authors and Publishers (SIAE), public safety, security and administration
  • Registration collection system, customisable for each event
  • Comprehensive management: registration acceptance, related revenue collection and invoicing
  • Periodic reporting of registration numbers to the organiser
  • Efficient and secure online registration with telephone support
  • Customised access control system
  • ECM system
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