Emotions that only “La dolce vita” can provoke!

Food & Beverage

The experienced team at the Congress Centre is on hand to suggest the most suitable caterer for every type of service.
We have four cornerstones for the provision of event menus.
Request a tailored solution that meets the needs of your guests and organisation. 

International cuisine

Years and years of culinary experience in catering for guests from all over the world result in an international expertise able to satisfy the most demanding of palates, combined with a sensitive approach
towards health or culture-driven special dietary requirements.

Outstanding local variety

The Trentino area is blessed with such agricultural wealth that all year round our chefs are inspired to create healthy, tasty, seasonal dishes. Our lakeside paradise is famous for its vineyards, olive groves, apples and fruits of the forest, lake fish and every type of vegetable imaginable. This part of Lake Garda is where Italian salt beef originated, an ancient speciality and the star of a range of delicious lunch and dinner delicacies.

“No!” to food waste

Our Congress Centre is a member of the national ‘Food for Good’ project, ensuring that local charitable associations receive donations of any food left from events. Careful management procedures ensure the correct conservation of foodstuffs, adhering strictly to health and safety standards. Our aim is also to actively involve organisers and participants and raise their awareness of this important initiative.

Dishes to tickle your taste-buds

Our expert chefs express their innate creativity through delicious traditional dishes inspired by local specialities from Trentino and the vast Italian gastronomic repertoire.

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