Events Factory

Events Factory

Being the manager of a Congress Centre, but also an exhibition organiser, means benefitting from a range of experiences and professionalism, hence the ability to become involved with the

co-organisation of events as well as independently creating new ones.

Through market analysis and opportunity evaluation we are able to identify new projects to develop.

This analysis means being open to the needs of businesses, associations and institutions, understanding their training or meeting requirements, listening to their ideas and suggestions, understanding their value and then planning.

Planning an event, creating it and then making it grow is our passion and is how we mean to go on.

One thing stems from another…..

Our flagship event is REbuild ( - a leading event in the construction sector which we co-produce with a local partner, but many other events are of our own making.

For more information, see the list below.



In the current 360-degree world, connection cannot possibly be missing from an event! Congress venues provide Wi-Fi access so it makes sense to seize this opportunity to involve participants in events.

Considering this, two competent consultants have put their heads together to come up with a project that embraces current trends, organised by Riva del Garda FiereCongressi: and so “Digital Meeting Marketing” came about.


Social media represents one of the key planning and marketing tools available for the diffusion of event information, for interaction with participants, to fuel conversation and to seek answers.  The increased use of these platforms has generated a training requirement: how to effectively utilise Social Media before, during and after an event. Riva del Garda Fierecongressi has tackled this training requirement by producing a course aimed at the creation of a new professional figure


Music and entertainment for the night of New Year’s Eve. ‘HOP!’ is a party held at PalaMeeting to bring together young people from all over Trentino.

A night with top Italian and international DJs provides a brilliant start to the New Year.

Coming soon: the HOP! 2018 programme. Follow us to get the latest news.

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