Brivio Federico

Shaping the Powertrain Electrification together with our Automotive Customers for a Sustainable Future

The Person: Federico Brivio, born in Milan, married with two kids.
Early Choices: Went to the German School in Milan (Deutsche Schule Mailand) and Technical University Munich (TUM), where he studied Electrotechnical Engineering.
Chapter USA: Worked at Siemens/Infineon to develop ISDN ASICs in San Jose (USA), experiencing the excitement of Silicon Valley in 1997-1998 in a highly competitive environment, and met his beautiful California future wife Robin. He even convinced her to move to Milan.
The Germany Step, leading towards Bosch: In 1999 started to work for Robert Bosch s.p.a. in Milan for Diesel Systems as a sales engineer.
Detroit, learning how to deal with crisis on a large scale: In 2005 moved back to the US to handle a leading Global Automotive Customer during a turbulent crisis time and reorganization.
Recent events and shaping the future: In 2014 moved to Stuttgart, Germany.
Currently Director Electrification for Customer Projects.