Teatro Zandonai

Plenary sessions on February 15th

In a city that has become wealthy thanks to the production and trade of silk, the society begins to engage in culture with the opening of a library, the creation of a circle of intellectuals “Accademia degli Agiati” and the construction of a theater, the first in Trentino, opened around 1780. After some adjustments and restorations for new security standards, the theater - whose construction is inspired by the Veronese philharmonic theater – with its 400 seats, hosts a significant number of theatrical, musical and dance shows annually.




Networking Gala dinner on February 15th

Planned by the architect Mario Botta, the building’s centre of gravity is the large glass and steel dome above the central access piazza to the Museum. The roof maintains a constant dialogue with light and covers an area of 1,300 square metres, is 25 metres high and has a diameter of 40 metres, exactly the same as the Pantheon in Rome. For the facades, Mario Botta chose a yellow stone of Vicenza to blend in with the 18th-century setting of the avenue in front, corso Bettini. A guided tour to the exhibition “Magical realism” and a Networking Gala-Dinner in the museum are included in the Inn4Mech’s schedule.




Palazzo dell'Istruzione - University of Trento

Workshop sessions on February 15th

This majestic building from the 18th century, now occupied by the Faculty of Cognitive Sciences of the University of Trento, is also located in Corso Bettini. It was called the “Palace of Education” because for the citizens of Rovereto it has always been a place for schools. Walking through the entrance you access a large lobby with a staircase in the background. There is also an inner courtyard with balloons and covered with crystal plates. The Aula Magna, often used by the population for cultural events, is adorned with beautiful decorations.




Polo Meccatronica - Trentino Sviluppo

Plenary Sessions, networking lunch and ProM visits on February 16th

Within Polo Meccatronica, players from the world of production, training, and research can dialogue and collaborate, driving forward mechatronic engineering that combines IT, electronics, mechanics, hydraulics, pneumatics, and sensors. To enhance the Industry 4.0 service, the ProM (Prototyping Mechatronics) Facility laboratories are available since April 2017.





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