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To make your stay enjoyable we cooperate with VisitRovereto where you can find travel indications to reach Rovereto, your appropriate accomodation and, if you want to make your visit unforgettable, a choice of cultural, enogastronomic or unique sports opportunities for the weekend 17th-18th February after the Inn4Mech.



The city of Rovereto with its 40.000 inhabitants is located in Northern Italy near Lake Garda. It has a lively intellectual

It has a lively intellectual activity centered on the MART - Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art - and on the Zandonai Theater with its theatrical and dance season, and an innovative industrial network, of which Polo Meccatronica is the demonstration. Being in the middle of lakes and mountains the city offers vast and various sports opportunities conforming to the season of the year.



Organized by Polo Meccatronica | Trentino Sviluppo 

Via Zeni, 8 | Rovereto | Italy
+39 0464443307